ECPCA meeting in 2023: Candidates

During the 2019 meeting in Utrecht, the location and the site of the next congress shall be selected by the delegates at a General Business Meeting. Applications to host the next Congress should be mailed to the current president Corstiaan Breugem at

The application must be in the name of the national cleft/craniofacial association of the country submitting the bid. If none is available the bid must be in the name of a national cleft/craniofacial association within the same region as the country submitting the bid.

The bid must include:

  1. Name of the current President of the national cleft/craniofacial association supporting the bid and a letter of support from that President;
  2. Name and contact information of the person submitting the bid;
  3. Name of the proposed city and explanation as to its appropriateness for hosting the congress (travel accessibility, tourist safety, hotels, attractions);
  4. Description of the cleft/craniofacial association’s history, membership, financial status, and experience in planning a scientific conference.

The President of the congress will also be the president of the ECPCA for 4 years. The succeeding President shall be elected by members of the host country for the next congress.

The President of the 2023 congress shall be the Chairman of the Executive Committee. An Executive Committee shall be comprised of up to 11 members. The Chairman of the Committee (President of the current congress) shall appoint 3 members from his/her country or region. The President of the previous congress shall serve on the Executive Committee and shall nominate 2 additional members from their country. The three members from each region shall include, as far as possible representatives from different disciplines involved in cleft/craniofacial care (medicine/surgery, dentistry, speech/audiology, psycho/social, nursing, etc).

The deadline of submitting your bid is 6 May 2019

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