ECPCA Concert

We invite all registered delegates to join the ECPCA Concert on Wednesday, 12 June 2019 in the Grote Zaal at TivoliVredenburg (congress venue)

Vivaldi & Rosina
L’Estate and L’Inverno
from The Four Seasons
Aria’s from A. Vivaldi: ‘Cum Dederit’,
‘Fra le Procelle’ & ‘Gelido in ogni vena”
Rosina Fabius – Mezzo soprano
Anna Steenhuis – violin (L’Estate/Summer)
Olivia Doflein – violin (L’Inverno/Winter)

Cugnon Consort:

Chris Duindam, Violetta Adamova, Sara Kalinowska – Violin
Hannah Donohoe – Viola
Emma Besselaar – Cello
Daniel Carias – Double Bass
Jan Jansen – Harpsichord

Cugnon Project
The Cugnon Project is a foundation that provides a platform for young talents to perform alongside professional musicians. Performing in a wide variety of locations throughout the Netherlands, we are able to share our love of music with an ever widening audience. Chris Duindam is the Artistic Director of the Cugnon Project.

In the spring of 2012, thirty five young talents and professional musicians and their families gathered in the small Belgian village of Cugnon for a week of music making. Professional musicians and students joined together to rehearse in the beautiful castle and perform concerts in the surrounding villages. In addition to cooking together and sharing meals, members of the Cugnon Project share a love of music.
As the students learn from the professional musicians, they in return provide inspiration for the professionals. This unique situation is the foundation for fantastic concerts. Following the success of the week in Belgium, the project has continued in both Utrecht, home town for many of the participants, and at our annual festival in Heeswijk-Dinther. Cugnon Consort and Cugnon Junior are also part of the Cugnon Project. While the Project focuses on chamber music, the Consort is a larger ensemble in which young professionals can flourish. Cugnon Junior is an opportunity for our youngest talents (8 – 16 years) to play together.