Instructions for Chairs

All speakers are requested to be present in their session room at least 15 minutes before the session starts to meet with the session chair(s) and receive last minute instructions from you.

Announcement at start of the session
Please welcome everyone and announce at the start of the session that photography, filming and video recording of presentations is strictly prohibited. Slides are protected by copyright. If you observe people taking photographs or filming, please repeat this message before the next presentation.

The programme has an extremely tight schedule and therefore we kindly ask you, as a session chair, to ensure that the session adheres precisely to the time schedule. Please remind the speakers of this when you meet with them and make sure they all keep to their allotted time and do not run over. We know it is difficult to stop a speaker when they are in ‘full flow’ but we ask you to be strict to ensure that there is time for discussion and the sessions run into time.

Each speaker has been asked to allow 3-15 minutes (depending on the duration of the session) for discussion time. Discussion on the presentation is important; therefore please ensure that the audience is given this opportunity. Please prepare some questions either before or during the session so that you can ensure that discussion is generated.

Absence of a speaker
In case a speaker is not present, please keep a break or give opportunity for additional discussion. Please do not let a speaker start his lecture at any other time than announced in the programme, as delegates move around sessions to listen to specific presentations.

Technical information
All meeting rooms have facilities for power point and a sound system. Speakers have been asked to hand in their power point presentation at the Speakers’ Service Center (located on the ground floor in so called room “Uitloop Foyer”), at least one hour before the beginning of their session.

Light, sound etc. will be controlled by the technical staff, who will be present during all sessions. The discussion microphone will be opened by the technician as soon as the session chair gives the floor to the person who wishes to raise a question. There is student in the room who can walk around with the microphone. When a question is raised, always repeat or rephrase the question.

To download the instructions click here.