Mann, Robert (United States)

Dr Mann graduated from Michigan State University, College of Human Medicine in 1978. Dr Mann completed plastic surgery residencies in Grand Rapids Michigan, and a pediatric plastic surgery fellowship, at Children’s Memorial Hospital, in Chicago Illinois.  Dr Mann established the cranial facial program in Grand Rapids in 1985 and has been the director of the Oral cleft programs in Grand Rapids since 1987. He is best known for his work in cleft lip and palate care and cranial facial surgery.

Dr Mann developed the:

Double Opposing Buccal Flap Palatal Lengthening to treat VPD.
The Tongue Lip Adhesion Suspension, for treatment of Pierre Robin Sequence
The No Touch Cleft Palate Repair for treatment of Pierre Robin Sequence
The Directive Growth Approach for the treatment of non-syndromic cranial synostosis
The Double Opposing Z-Plasty +/- Buccal Flap: repair for cleft palate.
Published a 29 year follow up study that shows The Double Z-Plasty +/- Buccal Flap Repair can obtain the same excellent speech results for all clefts, regardless of width or classification.
Dr Mann has spoken extensively on the advantages of The Buccal Flap Approach.  A modern embryologic and physiologic based philosophy for reconstructing the Cleft Palate.

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