Richard, Bruce (United Kingdom)

Bruce started doing cleft surgery whilst living in Nepal for 11 years where he set up a Plastic Surgery Department for the Government, trained 7 Nepalese surgeons, initiated a Randomised controlled trial in Cleft surgery, and investigated the facial nerve in leprosy. The last 16 years, he has been a Consultant Cleft Surgeon in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, UK, involved in developing better National clinical audit around the problem of a validated facial aesthetic measurement. He started an Academic Clinical work stream in clinical and laboratory based Cleft research in collaboration with the University of Birmingham Dental School 6 years ago. With a PhD student in infant cleft cell migration and successful funding for Post-Doctoral laboratory research on bio-banked cleft patient palatal bone. He has a long-term personal goal of creating a validated internationally acceptable facial aesthetic

outcome tool for cleft surgery. He has published on assessment of 2-D photos by human scoring, computer assisted (Symnose) scoring and is developing an automated computer graphic (artificial intelligence) methodology for scoring the outcome for cleft lip surgery.  57 publications.

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